Business English


Natia Giorgadze

Works at Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency at the department of Innovation and Commercialization as a Mini Grants coordinator.

Educational Background in International Relations. Since 2008 involved in the field of Education. Give lessons at British Centre with Callan Method. In various times participated in different exchange educational programs (in Finland, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Poland etc.). Give lectures at Ilia State University. Since 2014 worked on Distance Learning Development at Tbilisi State University. 

The course is for anyone wanting to communicate successfully in general business situations. To develop Business communication skills and be more confident while using English in different situations.

After accomplishing the course attendees will:

  • To Communicate with others in practical, business-oriented situations;
  • To express themselves in English with greater fluency and accuracy;
  • To handle themselves in English from negotiating to using telephone and making presentations; 

Lecture 1: Everyday Utilization of Business English

  • Course Agenda
  • Ice-breaking activities;
  • Communication Needs Analysis – what are the main skills we need to communicate better?
  • Group works;

Lecture 2:  Industry Based Terminology

  • What is Trendy Industries right now?
  • Specific Industry Entry Requirements 
  • Research Methodologies (discussing quantitative and qualitative analysis while doing literature review in the field) 
  • Case discussions 

Lecture 3: Presentation Skills  

  • Presentation Skills (How to prepare and deliver presentation effectively)
  • Working on Key vocabulary while delivering the presentation
  • What tools can we use for delivering effective Presentation; Comparison of PowerPoint and Prezi 
  • Public speaking exercises; Group works 

Lecture 4Writing Skills

  • Writing Skills (Writing E-mails, note, memos & reports..)
  • Essential vocabulary for writing official and unofficial mails
  • Individual works – prepare emails & reports

Lecture 5: Negotiation Skills   

  • Preparation for the meeting
  • Key Negotiating Language,
  • Framing arguments;
  • Getting to YES 
  • Wrapping things up

Lecture 6: Leadership skills in Business 

  • Analyzing Top leaders Speeches 
  • Blogs Analysis
  • Introduction to Project management (analysis of project cycle)
  • Business management tools (Intranet tools, Slack, Teams..) 

Lecture 7: Networking Skills

  • Social English
  • Networking skills 
  • Group Works and role plays assuming real situations
  • Cultural differences in using language

Lecture 8Final Presentations

  • Presenting papers 

Final Assessments & Feedback


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